i. A proper diet consultation when you’re into a serious regimen is a must. However, a general “Do” is that you should not hit the floor empty stomach. A snack meal approx 45 minutes before the exercise is advised.

ii. Workouts result in heavy sweating which tends to dehydrate us. It is important to have adequate water intake before the exercise and to frequently sip water during it.

iii. If you’re doing strength training and not just cardiovascular exercises, then having a good protein intake in the first 30 minutes post exercise is advised.

iv. Please remember that the best diet for you is what you feel is the best. Every individual’s metabolism is different and therefore, you need to tune your diet program in consultation with your dietician.


Get a medical checkup

i. Do consult your doctor before you start into a serious regimen. Let you doctor examine you and give a “go ahead” for the program.

ii. Please make sure that you disclose all relevant information to your doctor such as any illnesses, ongoing treatments, symptoms, past surgeries undergone etc.

iii. Take on the regimen only in the light of the advice of your doctor


Discuss your medical situation with your trainer

i. Your trainer isn’t a doctor but it is supremely important that you share your doctor’s advice with your trainer so that the same may factored into your program. E.g. if you have symptoms like hypertension or asthma, make sure that you have discussed the same with your trainer.

ii. In case you’re expecting or trying to conceive, make sure that your trainer is aware of the same. While there are specific prenatal exercises and yoga routines, not all exercises are suitable for expecting ladies and therefore, your trainer must know about the same.



Make sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes. It’s important that your shoes have enough padding and traction and they are flexible enough. Check the padding using your thumbs and fingers. You should bend the shoe by holding it between the toe and heel. If it bends with difficulty, it is not flexible enough while if it bends without enough resistance, then it may not provide support. You should have an instinctive feeling about the right balance of flexibility and resistance. If you’re not sure, do have friend who knows help you choose one.

Do mention the salesperson about the purpose of your shoes. Running shoes are not suitable for aerobics since in the former activity, you have one directional motion only while in the latter, you tend to quickly change directions. The salesperson would show you the right footwear for you.

If you’ve flatfoot, it’s better to ask a doctor about the kind the footwear you should use. The usual practice is to insert an arched orthopaedic implant in the shoes to provide adequate support.



Make sure that you buy the best set of inner wear for your workouts. Aerobics exercises subject your body to significant jerks. It’s important that you have a fitting inner wear, both for your upper body and lower body. Women who have been through a caesarean section are especially cautioned to have a snug fitting lower body inner.



Any comfortable outer wear would do. Make sure that it of some absorbing material and doesn’t have too fluffy appendages, strings, sharp buttons etc. Wearing light colour clothing is good in hot and humid weather but may not be a good sight if you sweat profusely.

Having a sweatshirt is helpful to put on while you walk back home after workout. Since there is a heavy sweating during workouts, if cool breeze hits you directly while you walk home, it can quickly bring down your body temperature and cause mild shivering. It’s also a good social practice to have a sweatshirt if you are heavily sweating.



Make sure that you are regular in your workouts. Remember it’s the regular, repeated cycle of exercises that works; not an off-on approach, regardless of how intense these off-on sessions are. On-off sessions only tire you but hardly make any change to your physique.

Make sure that you warm-up and cool-down. This is often overlooked but is a very important component of the regimen. Developmental stretched which are performed at the end, help relax the broken muscle fibers which then grow up to give that shape you always wanted to see in the mirror.

Exercise with a goal and purpose. Your trainer would explain the science behind each of the workouts; make sure that you know the target muscles of a given exercise and feel the effect in those muscles. A lat pull-down should impact the lat muscles at your back and not your shoulders; if the latter happens, you are doing it incorrectly.

Do not over-train. Spending your life working out would lead you nowhere. Remember that your muscles grow when you rest and not when you workout. Workouts only provide the stimulus for muscular growth. So, adequate rest is as important as exercise.


Stop Stop Stop

If you ever feel any severe discomfort such as breathlessness, chest pain, severe inflammation etc. stop immediately and reach out to your trainer for help