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Swapnil’s Transformation Story

Run fast like
the wolves


``As a child, I loved playing sports - football, Cricket, Badminton. I was jake of all trades, master of none when it comes to sports. But like most of us, life happened and I got busy shaping it up, did not realize that I was away from family all by myself and food became the least priority. It would not be an understatement that I was very happy and FAT post-marriage – icing on the cake (post-marriage effect). What I did not understand is that there is a difference between just eating and eating just healthy and by the time I realized I was 88kg.
As soon as I realized this, I decided to fix it. But this time, I made the mistake of following a random Gym Bro diet of buttermilk, veggies, chicken, etc. just because I thought this was healthy. Naturally, all the hard work in the gym was going in the drain and I started to lose hope and motivation that I would ever be able to do it, I changed my gym, took a personal trainer but nothing was helping.
After nearly one year of knowledge-seeking from various sources, I realized that what we need is a change of lifestyle. Quantified eating habit, regular exercise, and being consistent in both is the success mantra.
When you have the right knowledge and the right people to support you, you can accomplish the impossible. My journey has taught me this!``