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Divya’s Transformation Story

Take Charge Of
Your Life


“It’s not just about fitness, but also about learning values such as not being judgmental, helping others in need, and not giving up, ``Transformation is nothing but a process of improving your life. I also learned something that I always wanted to - how to be disciplined. It takes time, but it's worth the effort. You must train your mind first. Once you do that, you move on to the next step, which is overcoming your weaknesses.
No one in my family, as far back as 3 generations, has ever worked out or played any kind of sports. I was a skinny college girl but after my marriage, this turned to skinny fat. Then, I started doing the obvious thing - wear loose clothing to hide my tummy. It was a nightmare to see myself gaining weight from 55kg to 72kg. I am back to 58Kg and my journey is still on (uplifting day-to-day life, learning, and adopting new things). Did I mess up? Yes, working and taking care of my toddler at the same time! Yes, I did go off track, but mistakes are nothing but the lessons we learn. Trust me, even if it seemed difficult at times, my photo would tell you it was all worth it!``