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Starting and sticking to a fitness routine can be tough. It means overcoming both physical and mental challenges for the long haul. When we start with a workout plan and clear goals, it feels great. But when we lose motivation, it’s easy to veer off track. Keeping up with a fitness plan has tons of benefits, but to enjoy them, you need a routine you can keep up with. With a variety of Let’s Get Fit workouts to choose from, you can stay on track and reach your fitness goals.

The importance of consistency in training

To stay fit in the long run, you need to stick to your exercise routine, both mentally and physically. Expect some mental hurdles as you work towards your fitness goals. Consistently following your workout plan is key, and it’ll take time for it to become a natural part of your routine, just like any new activity.

Studies show that it might take around six months to make exercising a regular habit. Having specific fitness goals, such as getting stronger or building more muscles, gives you something clear to aim for. This makes it easier to stick to your fitness routine and see your progress.

Regular training helps you overcome mental barriers and makes you stronger. It’s important for getting fitter, stronger, and building muscles. When you stick to a workout plan, your body gets used to it, and you can gradually make it harder by increasing how much you lift, how often you work out, and how many times you do each exercise.

This process is known as ‘progressive overload’ and it’s a key principle in resistance workouts.² Without progressive overload at the core of your training, results are inconsistent, and it can be easy to lose steam.

The long-term benefits of a workout plan

Creating a sustainable workout routine that’s right for you can help you achieve your fitness goals and offer endless benefits to your body.³ These can include:

  • Improved cardiovascular function and aerobic fitness
  • Better endurance, coordination, balance, flexibility and agility
  • Increased muscle strength and lean muscle mass (a core component of a healthy weight loss program)
  • Reduced body fat
  • More restful sleep, which also improves energy levels,
  • The endorphins released during a workout help boost your mood
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem through achieving regular physical goals

How to create a fitness routine with Let’s Get Fit

Let’s Get Fit classes are a judgement-free zone designed for all abilities and fitness levels, allowing you to take gradual steps that will set you up for long-term physical success. Let’s Get Fit offers four types of workout classes: resistance, cardio, recovery, and hybrid (a blend of resistance and cardio training). By performing a regular combination of these workouts, you can improve your strength, aerobic fitness,, and overall health, while also helping your body recover in between high-intensity exercises. Together, this will help you build a well-rounded fitness routine that you can sustain. Continue reading as we guide you through how to make a workout plan.


Resistance training, also called strength training, is a type of intense exercise that burns calories after you’re done, makes you stronger, and builds muscle. If you want to manage your weight long-term or are taking medicine to lose weight, having more muscle can protect you from getting hurt. Let’s Get Fit offers full-body resistance training with caring instructors to help you stick to your workout routine.


Cardio is really important for a good workout routine. It helps burn calories, lose weight, and makes you stronger and fitter. At Let’s Get Fit, cardio workouts make your heart beat faster with lots of jumping and fast-paced exercises. They’re designed for different fitness levels, so you can feel good about getting stronger and fitter no matter where you start.


A good fitness routine should include recovery workouts. At our Let’s Get Fit studios, we believe in this approach, so alongside intense workouts, we offer sessions focused on recovery. These classes help your body relax and rebuild with a mix of stretching and gentle exercises. They can improve flexibility, posture, and movement range, which all help with our other classes like resistance, cardio, and hybrid. Taking time to recover is key to keeping up your workout routine without getting burnt out or injured, both in the gym and on rest days.